Black Oxide Industries was established in 1974 and resides at its original Anaheim, California location. BOI operates one of the largest capacity black oxide facilities in the United States and has gained a reputation as a trusted metal finishing professional. Our reputation of being a highly qualified organization is recognized at various levels of the U.S. military, defense, and aerospace industries. Aerospace & military prime contractors hold BOI in the highest regard with Nadcap accreditation of our aerospace quality system, testing laboratory, and chemical processing facility. With nearly 40 years of experience in chemical conversion coatings, specifically Black Oxide, our resume of the projects we are associated with is a never ending list.  However a few to mention are; The Mars Rover, Apache Helicopter, M1 Tank Series, Stealth Bomber, MILSTAR, NASA Global Hawk, F-15 / F-18 Aircraft, Penetrator Missile and various other missile projects.

Black Oxide Industries provides customers with tremendous value with capabilities to advise, engineer, design and support the toughest metal finishing projects. And BOI commercial customer base benefits from our ability to provide sound technical support on any type of project and also receiving the same high quality workmanship that comes from a facility that implements the same stringent operational requirements to satisfy the defense and aerospace sector.  BOI does not subscribe to two sets of standards, as there is no such thing as commercial standards and prime customer standards at our facility.  BOI has one standard to support Nadcap accreditation.

Fleet Services Available

Mission Statement

The mission of Black Oxide Industries is to lead the metal finishing industry by providing hi-quality finishes, on-time delivery, sound technical assistance & customer service, offered at a fair price in a professional setting.  BOI shall hold standards to a high level in an effort to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones.  Our focus on continuous improvement thru education shall enable our Team to better serve our valued customers, and their projects.

Quality Statement

Black Oxide Industries is committed to providing exceptional quality workmanship to all customers. BOI Quality Management System allows our team to meet customer quality criteria and expectations of specific projects.  Our process is continuously monitored and evaluated with personnel being provided the proper education and tools to perform his/her job.  Our proactive system produces a high level of consistent quality in finishing that our customers rely on. 

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