Ceramic Coating

Black Heat

by Black Oxide Industries

Black Heat Hi-performance ceramic coating was designed to outperform a conventional heat resistant finish.  It is a favorite coating specification of exhaust systems manufacturers for Automotive, Aerospace, Motorcycle, and Marine.  The heat resistant coating is also used in the lighting industry where the temperatures are higher than normal.  Moving parts, such as cylinder heads, radiators, brakes, rocker arms, gears, and valve covers, can also benefit from high temps.

Why select Black Heat Hi-Performance Ceramic over Brand-X? 

Black Heat was specifically formulated to offer a premier cosmetically pleasing finish with superior corrosion protection.  It also offers a decrease in temperature which provides increased performance.  When used on exhaust, velocity increases which results in an increase in horsepower.  Black Heat becomes harder and more durable as it becomes hotter.

 Why use BOI for your ceramic coating project?

Black Heat is only offered & applied at Black Oxide Industries.  Our facility operates under stringent guidelines in a "controlled" environment.  We are the largest west coast job shop that operates 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, working with hi-volume OEM and aftermarket, as well as the weekend hobbyist.  We can also provide same day expedited service in most cases.

For Hi-Performance ceramic coatings, reasonably priced, and delivered on-time,
Black Heat by BOI is the solution!


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