Metallic contaminates are a common result of the metal manufacturing process of stainless steel alloy. The passivation process is a chemical cleaning method used to remove free iron or other less noble contaminants from the surfaces of corrosion resistant steel parts. The nitric acid passivation process is designed to chemically dissolve tramp metallic elements without significantly affecting the other properties of the stainless steel itself. Removal of free iron will improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steel properties making passivation a staple ford in the requirements of manufacturing stainless steel alloy.

BOI performs passivate process certifying to various aerospace & military specifications:
AMS 2700 Type 6 & 7
ASTM A967 Nitric 2 & 3

Note: For some 400 series stainless steel alloy that cannot accept a Nitric Acid passivate we offer glass bead blast cleaning or strong alkaline cleaning.

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